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Aloe Vera, A Natural Skin Care Herb

Posted by Admin on November, 13, 2021

A plant that resembles cactus and is grown in dry and hot climates, that is the subtropical region on the earth is Aloe Vera. This plant possesses a number of medicinal values. Traditionally it was used for severe skin conditions, good growth of hair and also for promoted healing of wounds. Quite a number of research and studies have concluded about the dietary supplement an aloe vera plant offers.

Aloe Vera is generally applied topically for curing various skin diseases like acne, burns, lichen planus, skin toxicity which is induced by radiation. Extractions and pulp of the aloe vera plant are also administered orally. Oral use is promoted for weight loss, curing diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis and many more.

Different products of aloe vera like gels, creams, and ointments are made from the clear gel or pulp found in the leaves of an aloe vera plant. Therefore aloe vera is a highly demanded and celebrated medicinal plant all over the world. Wholesale Aloe Vera Pulp Suppliers in India meets a large amount of demand throughout the nation.

Applying Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe vera pulp can be used directly or by following several recipes. Aloe vera pulp can also be added to drinks, smoothies and food.

A sharp knife should be used to cut off a leaf of aloe vera from the plant from the root as near as possible. It should be funded and cleaned properly and patted dry. The cut side of the leaf should be placed in the bowl and left for 15 minutes discarding the yellow latex of aloe vera. The narrow pointed end should be cut off from the leaf and the excess latex should be drained.

The spines present on the lead should be cur off and then the leaf should be applied with some pressure for softening. Then the leaf should be placed in a flat position and knifed from tip to tip. For the leaves of bigger size, the outer green layer might be cut off. Then the gel inside the leaves should be scooped out gently with help of a spoon or knife. Bigger leaves might have solid gel blocks as pulp.

The gel should be washed and cleaned properly and carefully. It should be stored in a sealable container and refrigerated before use. Raw aloe vera pulp can be stored for up to 2 weeks. These can also be stored by freezing them in ice cube trays.
It is always recommended to be sure of the safety regarding any allergic reactions before applying it in the face.

Trade and Commerce

There are several Aloe Vera Pulp Suppliers in India that produce their own product and distribute them in the local and national markets. The herbal aloe vera pulp can be safely used for application in different household uses and also in beauty parlours where treatments of face skin are done. They claim that the leaves are processed naturally and the pulp they produce possess a good depigmenting compound that lightens the skin naturally.

This aloe vera gel comes in a gel and transparent form and with a shelf life of about 1 year. They recommend storing the aloe vera gel in a cool and dry place.

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